Villa ace reiterates important point over implementing style at home

Aston Villa midfielder Jacob Ramsey has reiterated an important message to the fans in relation to the style of play being developed under Unai Emery.

Since the Spaniard arrived, there has been a clear desire to play out from the back and to adopt a more patient and measured approach in our attacking ideas, which have undoubtedly already delivered positive results.

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While there have been mistakes along the way as the players adapt and adjust to the demands being made of them, it’s certainly leading to both short-term and long-term improvements, as well as an identity and style of play being established under Emery, which is something that has been lacking for some time at the club.

As Matty Cash recently noted, he called on the Villa fans to be patient and brave along with the players in backing them in trying to implement this new style consistently and effectively, and it’s something that Ramsey mentioned in an interview last week too.

It feels as though it’s a point that the Villa squad, and perhaps the club as a whole, are keen to communicate to the fans to get everyone on the same page, as Ramsey was directly asked about it in his latest interview with VillaTV, about how time and patience is needed from the supporters too in terms of adaptation to a new manager.

“Whenever a new manager comes in, it’s going to take time for the players to adapt and also the fans,” he told VillaTV, as per the video below. “I feel like every home game, the fans are starting to realise that the boss wants us to play out from the back and take time on the ball so hopefully, on Saturday they can see that.

“When the boss first came in, our home form was really good and our away form was the one to focus on but it seems like it’s switched now. We got the win over Palace, and now it’s time to build on that.”

Ultimately, it can be difficult to see the players try to implement a new style as it can lead to uneasy moments in games, especially when playing out from the back. So, it is understandable to an extent as to why some would feel anxious and may make their feelings known at Villa Park.

However, there is no denying the impact and influence this way of playing is having on our performances and results, and it’s part of the principles that Emery wants to establish at Villa to lead us to success. The players have bought in and are continuously improving in terms of controlling games now, and so as fans, we have to do the same and support what they’re trying to implement rather than create an atmosphere at home that can make it more difficult for them.


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